Collab Cabanas Terms and Conditions 


  • CES: McMaster Conference & Event Services 
  • Requestor: The McMaster staff or faculty member that makes the booking on behalf of the group. This person does not have to be in attendance at the meeting.
  • Onsite Contact: The McMaster staff or faculty member that will act on behalf of the requestor in all capacities on the day of the scheduled meeting. This person must be in attendance at the meeting.
  • Attendees: The McMaster staff or faculty members who are present during the scheduled Collab Cabana meeting.


Requesting a Collab Cabana:

  • Collab Cabanas are available to McMaster Faculty and Staff only, student, external and affiliated groups are not able to be grated a booking.
  • All requests are subject to availability and not must not be considered to be ‘confirmed’ until an email confirmation is received from McMaster Conference & Event Services (CES).
  • Please allow a minimum 1 business day lead-time to process a request.
  • The maximum booking duration available is 6 hours (1pm – 7pm)
  • Repeat bookings are accepted up to a maximum of 4 meetings in total. Additional date and time slots require separate space requests.
  • Only 1 Collab Cabana may be booked per meeting.


Hours and Dates of Operations:

The Collab Cabanas will operate from July 2021 to October 2021, please plan accordingly.

The Collab Cabanas are available on weekdays only and are not available on weekends and holidays.

Hours of operation will be adjusted with seasonality.

The summer availability includes the following time slots for booking:

  • 8am – 12 noon
  • 1pm – 5pm
  • 1pm – 7 pm
  • 6pm – 8pm

The fall availability includes the following time slots for booking:

  • 8am – 12 noon
  • 1pm – 5pm
  • 1pm – 7 pm


Cancellation and No-Show:

  • Cancellations are only accepted via email to:
  • Cancellations made 2 business days prior to the meeting will be accepted without penalty.
  • Cancellation made within 2 business days or failing to cancel at all (no-show) will incur a $50 administrative cancellation fee.
  • Chartfield account number required when placing space request. Requests made with invalid Chartfield strings will not be approved or will be cancelled until a valid Chartfield can be provided.
  • In the event of inclement weather, another date can be requested and is subject to availability. Cancellations by CES or the requestor and/or onsite contact due to inclement weather will not be subject to any cancellation fees.
  • The onsite contact may be contacted should CES feel the need to close the Collab Cabanas due to inclement weather and it will be the responsibility of the onsite contact and requestor to inform other attendees.
  • Cell phone contact information for onsite contact and requestor at time of request.



  • A minimum of 2 attendees must be met to book a Collab Cabana.
  • Each Collab Cabana can seat a maximum of 6 attendees and only 1 Cabana can be booked per meeting.
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to pass along these Collab Cabana Terms and Conditions to each attendee and ensure that they follow all McMaster guidelines and know the rules of operation for the Collab Cabanas.


Services Notes:

  • Heating/cooling: none.
  • Wi-fi: Reznet network is available at the strongest signal using Mac ID and password, MacSecure may also be available.
  • Power Outlets: TBD
  • Audio Visual Equipment: not permitted
  • Flipcharts/white/chalk boards: none. You may bring your own without approval from CES. Please maintain physical distancing with other Cabanas and be mindful of other groups while using these resources.


Cleaning, Maintenance and Damages:

  • Each Cabana is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to every meeting, please ensure that you adhere to the start and end times of your booking to allow for sufficient cleaning times between meetings.
  • Standard service includes cleaning with industrial grade disinfectant following each group as well as daily sweeping, waste collection and electrostatic spray cleaning.
  • If you need emergency clean-up you may request support by calling 905-525-9140 extension 24223 or visiting the Mary E. Keyes Guest Service Centre located in the lobby of the Mary E. Keyes residence building.
  • Attendees are to dispose of their waste in receptacles provided and leave the area tidy and chairs locked via aircraft cable prior to departure.
  • Damages and extra cleaning charges will be assessed and charged if needed after the end of the meeting. These damage fees (including but not limited to theft due to unlocked chairs, excessive waste, or broken items) are the responsibility of the requestor and charges will be placed on the submitted Chartfield string.



  • Access the patio using the closed but unlocked glass and metal gate. This gate is unlocked at all times to maintain safe egress and comply with building codes.
  • All Cabanas will be numbered, and you will be assigned a specific Cabana to use. Please ensure that you head to the correctly numbered Collab Cabana.
  • Collab Cabana chairs will be locked with aircraft cable to prevent theft and/or damage in the event of inclement weather. It is the responsibility of the meeting requestor and/or the onsite contact to unlock the cable prior to the meeting and to lock the cables at the end of the meeting.
  • Each Cabana’s aircraft cable is released and locked through a combination lock. The meeting requestor will receive the code via email and is responsible for sharing with the on-site contact.
  • Public washrooms are available in the lobby of Mary E. Keyes Residence building (enter the building through the campus-facing doors near the round-about, turn left into the hallway between the Guest Services Centre and the Bistro.)



  • All requestors and meeting attendees must adhere to all McMaster Policies, Procedures and Public Health Guidelines.
  • All information related to McMaster’s Policies, Procedures and Guidelines can be found here: For your convenience, below is a list of the most relevant policies at McMaster:
  • Outdoor spaces are shared, so there is potential for noise transfer from other groups and guests and vehicular/foot traffic in the area. Please plan accordingly.
  • The status of the weather is the responsibility of the requestor to monitor and communicate any cancellations to other attendees and CES. The safety of meeting attendees is the responsibility of the requestor.

COVID-19 Policies:

  • Every attendee is responsible for following all of McMaster’s, Hamilton’s, and Ontario’s COVID-19 policies and ensuring that they are up to date on the latest changes.
  • All information related to McMaster’s COVID-19 policies can be found here: For your convenience, below is a list of the most frequently used COVID-19 policies at McMaster:


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