Reservation Update

As of June 1, 2021 on-campus quarantine options will no longer be available for incoming international students. Information below is for students who have already arrived to quarantine on campus. 

Incoming international students will be required to comply with all travel regulations from the government of Canada. This includes a mandatory hotel stop-over before completing your quarantine at McMaster.


To ensure the health and safety of both staff and students, perishable food and food deliveries from external sources are not permitted for quarantining students. Use of third-party delivery services such as UberEats, Skip the Dishes or DoorDash while in quarantine is strictly prohibited.

All students in quarantine are required to stay in their rooms until their quarantine is officially complete. University staff is actively monitoring student movement and access card usage to identify non-compliance.

Violation of the Residence Agreement & Expectations for International Quarantine Stay Students may result in suspension or expulsion from McMaster University. Violations will also be reported to Hamilton Police Services and Public Health and may be subject to charges under the Federal Quarantine Act.

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On-Campus Guest Expectations for Quarantine Stays

Before confirming your booking, all students must confirm and agree to modified Guest Expectations for International Student Quarantine Stays. These expectations are in alignment with measures outlined by the Government of Canada and have been developed in partnership with Hamilton Public Health to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

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All international arrivals will be asked to remain in their assigned quarantine rooms for the 14-day period, respond to daily check-ins, and submit to a wellness check before the end of your stay.

Guidelines for travellers from the Government of Canada can be found here.

Guidelines for Travellers

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