“Will I be able to leave my room during my quarantine stay?”

No. In accordance to government regulations surrounding incoming air travellers to Canada, all guests in quarantine must remain in their rooms until they receive official notification from the university that their quarantine period has ended.

Building access card usage is being actively monitored to assess student movement. Please be aware that violations of the Canadian Quarantine Act may result in fines or other repercussions. Please visit https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/isolation for more information.

Government of Canada Mandatory Isolation or Quarantine Information

“If I travel with my family, can we quarantine together?”

Shared quarantine accommodations are available for students who are traveling with their dependents (i.e. spouse or children).

Other family members who are not considered dependents are invited to find alternative accommodations for quarantine.

Who can help me if my Les Prince land line doesn’t work?

Please contact UTS https://uts.mcmaster.ca/contact-us/ for support for phone issues. Since you are in quarantine, UTS will not be able to visit your room, but will assist you remotely. If there is an irreparable issue, UTS will advise Housing & Conference Services, and will work with you to relocate you to another room.

“Can I have coffee or tea delivered?”

Instant coffee and tea bags (green tea, orange pekoe or other herbal teas) will be delivered with your breakfast. Please use the kettle provided to prepare your hot beverage of choice. Milk, creamer, sugar and sweetener will also be provided.

“Can I have extra water with each meal?”

No, we cannot add additional beverages to your order. However, you will have a plastic cup in the room for drinking water from the tap which is safe drinking water!

“Is it possible to order food and have it delivered to my room from an outside company?”

No, as you cannot leave your room during quarantine to let the delivery in as our buildings are secure, and we do not have staff to accommodate this.

“Can we make online purchases while in quarantine?”

Yes, you can make online purchases while in quarantine. The mailing address is as follows:

Your Name (First and Last)
Les Prince Hall residence, room #
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4L8

** If you are limited on information you can input, you can disregard “McMaster University.” Just ensure that your full legal name is entered, and then ensure your building and room number is inputted (this can usually go in the spot for apartment numbers).**

By entering your information like this, our mail services team will be able to identify that a package belongs to you, and as per protocol, they will deliver to the Commons Service Centre. Normally, you would then come here to pick up any packages, but due to our COVID-19 safety protocols, one of our team members will leave it outside your door and knock on the door to let you know it is there.

“My package arrived; I got an email but it’s not at my room yet. Why?”


Sometimes your shipment may say “Delivered” as the package reaches McMaster Universities campus mailroom. Kindly note, it could take several days before it arrives at the Service Centre in our Commons Building.  Once our Housing Team processes your package you will get a notification from us.  We wait for your response (hold or deliver) If you are asking to have your package delivered it will depend on the availability of our Housing staff however, we try our best to deliver your packages the same day.

“I forgot something and need to order online; can you recommend quick delivery companies?”

We suggest ordering your needed items from either Amazon.ca or shoppersdrugmart.ca both websites have most daily essentials that you may need and offer quick delivery.

“Will there be cleaning supplies for me to use while in quarantine?”

Yes, you will have cleaning supplies readily available to you in your room upon arrival. If you need more cleaning supplies during your stay please reach out to housing@mcmaster.ca to request more supplies and we will alert our cleaning team.

“Since COVID-19 is an airborne virus, is the HVAC system cleaned frequently to avoid it being transmitted through HVAC?”

The fan coil unit brings in 100% fresh air from outside. The air in the different rooms do not “mix” with each other, nor with the hallway air as the rooms are pressurized to not allow for this. It is fresh air that passes through a heating coil and then through a fan coil filter before blowing into the room to heat the space. The washroom exhaust fan also brings in 100% fresh air to exchange the air. All cleaning protocols for quarantine spaces have been established in accordance with public health guidelines.

“I have allergies, will the small heater impact them if I turned it on?”


If you have allergies it may be best to place the small heater on top of the desk and not the carpet. The best option would be to simply use the fan coil heater due to it’s filtering capabilities, please adjust the fan coil to “high”.

“I don’t have a place to stay after my quarantine, can I stay in Residence?”

Yes, we offer short-term accommodations. The minimum night stay is 1 week and the maximum night stay is 3 months. Please visit https://hotel.mcmaster.ca/short-term-accommodations/ for more information.


Kindly note if you were to book short-term accommodations that you would need to move out of your current quarantine bedroom in Les Prince as this residence building is used for quarantine students only.

Learn More about Short-Term Accommodations on Campus

“If I move to short-term accommodations, can I have guests visit my room?”

Due to the pandemic there is a strict no-visitor policy for all residence buildings on campus, including short-term accommodation spaces in Mary Keyes Residence.